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The Natural Path to Wellness


The weight and distraction of our contemporary lifestyles often clash with our biological needs. Experiencing wildlife, taking walks, enjoying a sunset, or simply feeling the earth beneath your toes are all effortless yet profound ways to unburden yourself from modernization. And, as it turns out, studies are showing this is even more powerful than you may believe.

In a study led by Mathew White from the University of Exeter, individuals who spent at least 120 minutes per week ‘in nature’ reported significantly better health and psychological well-being than those who didn’t. Remarkably, spending less than precisely 120 minutes did not yield these benefits.

Nature therapy, commonly known as ecotherapy, involves engaging with natural environments for healing and personal development. This approach, grounded in ecopsychology, studies how our psychological well-being is intertwined with our connection to the natural world.

In addition, the concept of Blue Zones (areas where people live notably longer and healthier lives) spotlights several practices that also align with nature therapy or ecotherapy principles. These practices showcase that a deep connection to nature and the environment contributes to longevity and well-being.

Adventures Unbound offers countless journeys based on rejuvenation and connection with nature through ecotherapy. At our destinations, set in some of the most serene natural environments, we offer a sanctuary where you can engage in activities like hiking, wildlife watching, and mindful meditation, all exceptional tools for harmonizing your physical and mental health.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all strategy, so be sure to explore a few options to see what’s best for you.

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Florida manatee
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Nature-Immersed Yoga

Whether it’s beneath the redwoods at the Big Sur Lodge or on the beaches of St. Andrews State Park, we invite you to embrace outdoor yoga and reap the spiritual benefits.

Serene Kayaking

Experience the therapeutic benefits of nature by leisurely kayaking in the crystal-clear waters of Blue Spring State Park, Rainbow Springs State Park, Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, and many other properties nationwide to find that peaceful, centered feeling.

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Standing on Stehekin mountain

Reflective Hiking

Walk through a cascade of unique forestry in the southernmost tip of Florida or alongside stunning seasonal wildflowers beneath the kingly Mount Rainier in Washington and enjoy a silence that invites introspection and tranquility.

Connecting With Wildlife

From rare-species birdwatching in the Everglades to keeping company with sea cow manatees at Wakulla Springs and meeting the oldest hippo in captivity at Homosassa Springs, enrich your vitality and deepen your appreciation for our planet’s precious biodiversity.

Enjoy soothing breezes on leisurely narrated boat tours where our expert naturalists tell the stories of their parks and help identify the wildlife along the ride.

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Preserving Our Environment

We champion the preservation of our planet, a cornerstone of ecotherapy echoed in the lifestyle of Blue Zones, and invite all adventurers to join in our conservation efforts. Many of our properties offer volunteer initiatives like complimentary kayak rides for those assisting in cleaning the Potomac River at Boating in DC. Additionally, our properties prioritize eco-friendly practices like single-use amenities and paperless transactions, supporting a reduced ecological footprint.

Adventures Unbound is your portal to rediscover the simple yet profound joys of nature and the healing embrace of eco-therapy. Embark with us on a journey of rejuvenation and connection, where each experience is a step towards a healthier, more harmonious life. Start exploring today.