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Explore Massachusetts’ Waters Via The Commonwealth Collection

Embark on Aquatic Adventures with the Commonwealth Collection


Dive into Massachusetts’ vibrant waters with the thrilling kayaking and serene sailing experiences that you’ll find in our Commonwealth Collection. This collection gives you the chance to explore Natick’s Cochituate State Park Boathouse, and Boston’s waterfront too – so why not join us to set sail on an adventure where every moment is filled with excitement. Indeed, this collection is simply the best way to discover the true treasures of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: pristine lakes, winding rivers, and majestic coastal landscapes.

Yoga on the water

The Commonwealth Collection in Massachusetts

Explore serene lakes, winding rivers, and vibrant waterfronts. Whether it’s kayaking in Natick or sailing in Boston, each location offers unique adventures. Join us as we unveil the beauty of the Commonwealth’s waters, promising unforgettable experiences for every adventurer.

Cochituate (Natick) State Park Boathouse

Natick, MA


  • What distinguishes the Commonwealth Collection from other collections offered by Adventures Unbound?

    The Commonwealth Collection by Adventures Unbound stands out for its exclusive focus on Massachusetts’ diverse aquatic experiences, offering an extensive array of water-based activities across the state’s picturesque landscapes. Unlike other collections that may cover multiple states or regions, this collection is dedicated solely to showcasing the beauty and adventure of Massachusetts’ waters.

  • How do the Commonwealth Collection's locations reflect the essence of Massachusetts?

    Each location within the Commonwealth Collection serves as a microcosm of Massachusetts’ rich maritime heritage, stunning natural scenery, and vibrant waterfront communities. Every location that’s part of the collection captures the spirit and character of the state, providing visitors with an authentic and immersive experience.

  • When is the best time to visit the Commonwealth Collection for optimal weather and water conditions?

    At present this collection can only be experienced during the vibrant seasons of Spring and Summer. Join us to experience the area’s natural beauty at its peak during the warmer months. This time of year provides the perfect climate for numerous outdoor activities when Mother Nature tends to offer ideal weather and water conditions for swimming, boating, and enjoying the scenic coastline’s beachside delights.

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