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From Peaks to Shores: A Journey Across Diverse Landscapes and Activities


Embark on an extraordinary journey where we transcend the ordinary to offer unparalleled experiences in some of the nation’s most iconic destinations and hidden gems. Whether you seek the thrill of adventure, the serenity of relaxation, or the enrichment of cultural immersion, our diverse destinations promise a tailor-made adventure for every wanderer.

Goat on the mountainside
Biking in Stehekin
Standing on Stehekin mountain

Seclusion in Stehekin

Voyage to the enchanting world of the North Cascades National Park. Here, the Lodge at Stehekin is a serene escape nestled along the shores of America’s third deepest lake, Lake Chelan, in the heart of Washington’s majestic wilderness. This hiker’s haven, accessible only by boat, seaplane, or stunning 23-mile hike, offers a unique blend of peaceful relaxation and outdoor adventures.

From awe-inspiring kayak launches to challenging waterfall hikes, immerse yourself with activities like fishing, biking, and horseback riding, each offering a unique perspective of the North Cascades and Stehekin Valley. The Lodge at Stehekin is a must-see destination and a gateway to an untouched paradise, inviting families to connect with nature and each other in a stress-free, disconnected environment.

Peaks of Breckenridge

The Lodge at Breckenridge stands as one of the highest-altitude hotels in the world. In the heart of the Rocky Mountains, perched at an impressive elevation of 10,200 feet, it offers unforgettable views of Boreas Pass, Breckenridge Ski Resort, and the Tenmile Range. This newly renovated lodge, encompassing 57 rooms with rustic Colorado charm, is perfectly positioned 107 miles west of Denver in the Arapaho National Forest, and just 5 miles from the vibrant Breckenridge downtown.

Ideal for romantic escapes, family vacations, weddings, or corporate events, it offers an abundance of seasonal activities including hiking, biking, golf, white water rafting, and some of the best skiing in the Rockies.

Breckenridge GIF

Hollywood Swamps of Wakulla Springs

Nestled in North Florida’s 6,000 acres of pristine forest, The Lodge at Wakulla Springs is a 1930s masterpiece by Edward Ball, offering a unique blend of nature, culture, and history with 27 rooms overlooking one of the country’s largest springs. Adventurers can enjoy guided Jungle Boat Cruises where they will learn about local wildlife and history, embark on scenic hikes, observe over 182 species of bird, and even explore the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge, a famous home for countless Monarch butterflies.

The Lodge also showcases many of the park’s appearances in films like Tarzan, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Airport 77, and many others for its unique swamp environment.

Surfing Shores of Doheny State Beach

The Doho Cafe at Doheny State Beach, highlighted in The Beach Boys’ iconic song “Surfin’ USA,” offers a unique dining experience coupled with a deep cultural significance in surf history. Renowned as one of the various surfing locations celebrated in the song, Doheny State Beach epitomizes the vibrant surf culture of Southern California.

At this beachfront cafe, guests can enjoy fresh, local flavors while soaking in stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and picturesque California sunsets. This location not only serves as a culinary delight but also stands as a testament to the area’s storied surf heritage, making it a must-visit destination for both adventurers and surf enthusiasts.

Coffee on balcony at Flamingo Lodge
View from bed at Flamingo Lodge

The Country’s Largest Subtropical Wilderness

Flamingo Adventures, located at the southernmost tip of the Florida peninsula in Everglades National Park, offers a unique and comprehensive adventure experience. This destination provides various lodging options including Houseboats, Eco-Tents, a brand-new Lodge, and camping facilities, all set amidst the nation’s largest subtropical wilderness. This is one of the only places Everglades advocates can wake up to the soothing sounds of the gulf in the middle of the world’s most singular ecosystem.

Visitors can enjoy activities such as interpretive boat tours, kayaking, fishing, biking, and bird watching, complemented by amenities like a marina store and boat rentals. Just a short drive from major Florida cities, Flamingo Adventures is a gateway to exploring the Everglades’ rich natural beauty and wildlife, complete with convenient access and diverse recreational opportunities.

Each of our destinations is a gateway to unique experiences, guided by our expertise to ensure your journey is as extraordinary as the places you’ll visit. Start your adventure with us, where every destination is an invitation to a new and unforgettable adventure.