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Adventures Unbound offers an extensive collection of activity tours across the United States, designed for those seeking adventure and exploration.

From the serene waters of Massachusetts and the historic landscapes of the nation’s capital, to the breathtaking canyons of Nevada and Arizona, each collection promises unique adventures. Whether it’s hiking in Colorado, kayaking in Florida, or exploring the natural beauty of New York, these tours offer the perfect blend of excitement, relaxation, and discovery.

Make your next vacation an unforgettable journey into the heart of America’s most stunning destinations. Explore our locations through the activity tours collection dropdown, and find your next adventure!

Canyon Collection

The Canyon Collection offers an adventure into America’s first National Recreation Area across Nevada and Arizona. This vast 1.5 million-acre landscape includes mountains, canyons, valleys, and lakes, offering year-round activities like houseboating, camping, hiking, cycling, and fishing. Rafting tours of the Hoover Dam are a real highlight, promising an immersive experience in breathtaking natural settings.

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Capital Collection

The Capital Collection showcases destinations in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, offering a gateway to the region’s rich heritage. Activities include boating, tennis, and horseback riding, inviting you to explore historic landmarks as well as natural beauty. This activity tours collection encourages exploration of the nation’s capital and its surrounding areas, promising unique adventures – be it by water, or on foot.

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Cascadia Collection

The Cascadia Collection takes you on an adventure through Washington State, from the majestic Mount Rainier National Park, ideal for hiking and snowshoeing, to the tranquil Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area, perfect for houseboating and camping. It also features the Lodge at Stehekin in the heart of Lake Chelan and the North Cascades. This collection invites travelers to immerse themselves in Washington’s stunning natural landscapes through a variety of outdoor activities.

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Commonwealth Collection

The Commonwealth Collection invites you to explore Massachusetts’ rich waters, offering diverse aquatic adventures from kayaking to sailing across serene settings. This is the perfect collection for water enthusiasts seeking unique experiences. Discover the beauty and adventure of Massachusetts’ waterways in this activity tours collection.

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Empire Collection

The Empire Collection offers a journey through New York’s natural splendors, including Bear Mountain State Park, Watkins Glen State Park, Lake Welch, and Montauk Point. Each location showcases the unique beauty of New York’s landscapes, from historic paths and serene shores to coastal charm. The Empire Collection promises unforgettable experiences exploring the state’s rich natural heritage.

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Pacifico Collection

The Pacifico Collection offers a journey through California, from the surf culture of Doheny State Beach to the enchanting wilderness of Big Sur. Visitors can dive into a variety of activities, including everything from beachside dining to hikes exploring the redwood forests. This activity tours collection is a gateway to California’s coastal escapades and majestic wilderness, promising unique adventures in nature.

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Summit Collection

The Summit Collection invites adventurers to high-altitude thrills in Colorado and Minnesota, featuring destinations like The Lodge at Breckenridge and Giants Ridge. These locations offer a mix of mountain biking, skiing, and even golfing against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes. The perfect activity tours collection for those seeking mountainous adventures and outdoor sports, the Summit Collection promises world-class escapades in majestic settings.

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Sunshine Collection

The Sunshine Collection immerses adventurers in Florida’s unique ecosystems and historic parks, such as Weeki Wachee Springs, Everglades National Park, and Wakulla Springs. This collection is perfect for those wishing to explore Florida’s diverse wildlife, aquatic adventures, and the untouched beauty of its state and national parks.

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